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What are nice places to fap? Anyone can fap at home while watching some blonde teen porn, but have you ever had a fap session on a plane? Or in the train?
Nowdays with the smartphones being able to stream HD porn videos on your mobile device you can basically fap anywhere while watching a hot porn video. Life is so easy now, a quick fap session to blow of steam when you are on a date with a hot girl has never been more easy.
(NOTE: Please make sure you do not get cought, your MILF boss, her tight secretairy or your busty blonde personal trainer do not like to see this.)

Can girls fap too? Yes, girls can fap too. Actually girls fap A LOT! Most girls maturbate or fap a few times a week. The good thing for girls is there are A LOT of other things they can use to fap. They can do it old school with a banana or cumcumber mastrubation fap session, but there are also dildo's in ANY size, yes way bigger then your small penis. They come with batteries and insane functions and rock the girl's pussy. BUT eventually all girls like a good decent fuck above a fap session.

Are you interested to fap a girl before you fuck her? Then here's how you should do that:
Guidelines on how to fap a girl:
1 Find a naughty slut. (She does not need to be pretty)
2 Sit down with her and tell her you want to fap her pussy.
3 Put your hands down her panties and start looking for her clit.
4 Her what? You can find her clit that is usually covered by the clitoris hood, so its possible you can't see the clitoris very good unless you pull back the hood a little. The clit is located on the top of her pussy, just above her actually pussy hole. When you start to feel her pussy there you can feel its a little bit harder there, its like a tiny little knot just underneath the skin. It you see the girl crawling on your couch you've found the clit.
5 Now start rubbing her gently untill she squirts all over your couch.
6 Make sure she gives you a good fap session as well, or even better make her fuck you like an animal!