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fap fap fap, thats the sound you make when you are masturbating yourself. It's something you do when your parents are not at home, because if they are this can be kind of tricky. You don't want your mother to walk in right in the middle of your fap fap fap session.
This could go like:
You: fap fap fap
Mom: (opens the door) Son could you give me that..
You: *fap* WTF!!! (feel embarrassed with your trousers on your ankles)
Mom: (shuts the door)
You: M*THER F.. (no son that would be even more embarrasing)

If you fap, you have to do it right. You could fap at anything you like, but preferebly you should fap to porn. It's alright if you fap to anything else, thats up to you, but keep in mind that others might find this strange, especially when they catch you doing it.
When you fap to porn, you could fap at hot college girls, a cute girl next door or a naughty housewife. For the more exiting guys you could maybe fap at outdoor sex, amateur videos or hot groupsex videos. The really kinky guys maybe want to look at midget porn when they fap, or maybe a bi-sexual adventure, some even like BDSM and crazy SM videos.
If you want to fap on sex videos with for example a horse or a dog in it you must be careful, you can only do this in certain countries, but if its your thing, enjoy.Bottom line, you can fap to anything, but keep in mind that you can not do it around others. But wait there's one more thing, you can NEVER fap to videos with people under 18yo, people doing that should get a life time fap ban.

If you don't know how to fap, I can explain this to you. The instructions to fap yourself are very simple:
Follow these guidelines when you want to fap:
1 Think of something that makes your horny, like sex with your ex-girlfriend, a blowjob from your best friends mom or you licking your your college teacher's pussy. Or watch the porn you like, as I described above.
2 Grap your penis firm with either your right or left hand.
3 Start making vertical movements while you keep holding your penis with the firm grip.
4 Continue this until you unload your sperm on your belly.
5 Congrats you have succesfully finished your first fap session.

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